Falcon Petroleum Resources is an oil and gas company that participates in

high caliber oil and gas prospects while mitigating risk through use of the latest exploration, drilling, and evaluation technologies.Our current geographical focus is in the Gulf coast region of Louisiana where we have access to a pipeline of superior projects.  Falcon has been involved in Louisiana since 1999 and benefits from over 250 years of geological and geophysical experience in the area.

Falcon utilizes the most advanced 3D seismic technology to reduce risk and provide high quality prospects.  AVO (Amplitude Versus Offset) is only one of several levels of analysis that Falcon's prospects undergo.  AVO can identify hydrocarbons directly from seismic data and significantly lower drilling risk.  The Aubert King prospect is a classic example of promising AVO attributes.

Falcon also employs advanced drilling technologies such as MWD (Measurement While Drilling).  While drilling, location information is being transmitted from the bottom hole assembly to the surface which allows the drill bit to be steered and precisely guided to targeted pay sands.

Once target is reached, Falcon has access to evaluation tools such as resistivity logs, porosity logs, sidewall cores, and formation testing tools.Combined, these technologies provide very detailed information about the reservoir potential and quality.  With the interpreted data, Falcon is able to make well informed decisions about completing a well in the most effective manner.